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I am a Psychic Medium.


There are those who are psychic or intuitive and there are mediums who communicate with those spirits who have not passed over from this earthly realm.


I am a Psychic Medium who also communicates with those who are still alive and in a comatose state. I also communicate with trapped energy which is attached to physical places or material items.


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This is true of the dead and energy that has been left and forgotten. I do hear them and record thier stories.  Some are beautiful and some will break your heart but it is important that they are shared and therefore honored.

Medium Services I Offer


Earth Bound Spirits

I help Earth Bound Spirits to cross over to their next journey.  There are a variety of reasons why some spirits do not immediately cross over.  Some of them are sudden accidents resulting in death. The spirit is unprepared and they have a difficult time understanding what has happened, that they are no longer physical beings.


Some feel that they need to stay to oversee their loved ones who continue to live. While this is usually more of a hindrance than help it takes an honest dialogue between the living and the spirit to clear the air. This is when I serve as a translator for the deceased. .


Some, especially old spirits, are filled with grief and need their story told and to feel that their experience has been honored. 


I am a real estate broker in the other part of my life.  I once listed a home in the mountains which sat on ancient Indian ground.  There were two old mining shafts and many of the ancient Miners Spirits had not crossed over after death.  After ceremony, aiding these spirits to see the light, and clearing the land I thought my work was done.


Later, when the house was not selling as fast as it should, I questioned what had I missed.  One night I was visited by several Grand Indian Chiefs.  These leaders told me of the rape, murder, and ruthlessness that the new settlers had inflicted upon their tribes which had made their home on this acreage of land.  I cried with them and together we honored their loss.  They were then able to cross and release the land which the home sat on.  The house quickly sold afterward.


Sometimes there are those spirits that for whatever reason, due to their own actions or shame inflicted upon them, they do not feel worthy of seeing the light.  One house that I had the privilege of clearing, the spirit had been a woman trapped in a man’s body during the 1970's. Consumed in shame, She had committed suicide. After relating her story and  helped to understand that she held no shame, she crossed and left this agony behind.


Energy Attached to Material Items


Energy can and does become attached to buildings, personal items, furniture, and as mentioned before the land that we live on. We have heard the old saying, “If these walls could talk “well, they can and do.  I hear these stories and through the listening and sharing, the energy is honored and released.


It is through this gift I am able to clean energies then provide ceremonial blessings for new positive energies to thrive.


Please let me know if I can be of assistance in your journey of creation or honoring the past.




TAROT Readings


I believe that Tarot readings are messages from our Angels and Guides.  They are beneficial to gain clarification on a particular question.  Readings are also an aid when we want to explore possible outcomes of decisions that will affect our future.  A way to compare plans A and the possible outcome to plan B without actually living the experience. 


Tarot readings provide a window to our souls by helping us to receive guidance to understand the workings of our subconscious.  We can learn about the patterns or blocks that we create in our lives and heal the issue so that we may move forward and avoid self-sabotaging.


Designing and Creating What You Want in Your Life (Manifesting)


Using my psychic or intuitive gifts I teach others how to:


Clarify what you want in your life.

  1. Design a plan that is practical and obtainable to bring into your life what you desire.

  2. Walk the journey with you.Help you to evaluate and release self-created obstacles and patterns so that you can be successful.

  3. All of this is accomplished by learning to understand yourself and how to use the Universal Law of Creation.


I love sharing the powers of the planets and how we can use them as tools in creating our lives.  The Law Of Attraction is just one tool the Creator and Universe have given us.  If you are a parent would you give your child only one tool to build a house?

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Contact me:

email: micki@mickicarwin.com


Phone: 303.551.4572