Your beautiful pendant can be worn or tucked in your pocket or purse. Set your intention and create with the power of the planets!  Hand crafted from the Tagua Nut each one is slightly different.  These are natural products and subject to natures perfections.

Law of Attraction Saturn Pendant

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$19.96Sale Price
    • It is the time for those occupations and beginnings which require significant time, patience, concentration and perseverance, as also everything related to land and immovable property. It is not advised to start a journey at this time or to borrow money as in both cases delays and disappointments may spoil the matter. Good time to ask an advice of the elders, to cool down passions, to have a sober glance on the state of the matters, to get rid of a bad habit.
    • Basic energy: Restriction, authority, crossroads
    • Basic magic: Banishing, rewards
    • Energy keywords: Authority, caution, defensive, diplomatic, fearful, humility, justice, laws, old, patience, pessimism, respect, responsible, restrain, rigid, serious, severe, sincere, stern, thirty, time. 

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