The planet of communication and chaos when it is in retrograde






Each day of the week is ruled by a planet and each hour of each day is ruled by a planet. The seven planets that rule the days are also the seven planets that rule the hours. When we understand the qualities/gifts/characteristics of each planet then we are able to consciously create our dreams and desires. 


Example:  Let’s say that you need to send an important business message to a potential client.  Does it make a difference if you send it on Monday (ruled by the Moon), Tuesday (ruled by Mars), or Wednesday (ruled by Mercury)?


Moon is the planet of emotions.  Our emotions come and go as the tide of the ocean.  Ever notice how you are just never sure what a Monday is going to be like? Our co-workers are less liable to be consistent on Monday, many times because their emotions are still running the tapes of their weekend experiences.


Mars on the other hand is the assertive red warrior.  The planet itself is red!     Characteristics of Mars are associated with the words of: assertive, energy, thinking before acting, being bold and forceful.  These are not bad qualities but if you are trying to present an idea of change or diplomacy to a client or your employer, Mars may not be the most appropriate energy.  On the other hand if you need to be assertive and bottle up some extra confidence then Tuesday is your day.


Mercury is the planet of communication and coordination.  Think of the mythological Mercury who was the messenger of the gods and taveled with great speed. The physical planet is the fastest moving of the immediate solar system.  Mercury controls thought process and provides support for our intellect and awareness.  Helps us to use logic and reasoning, while thinking about how we create and express our ideas.


So depending on the message you want to make and how you want to impress that message upon your potential client, you may want to stop and read the planets before making the call.  Again this is putting everything in very simplistic terms and there is SOOO much more to the process but you are getting the idea.  

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