Law of Attraction Tailsman - Sun
Your magic wand to gain confidence and influence others in authority. The Sun keeps our attitude Sunny and gives us the will to be successful.

Basic energy: Will
Basic magic: Success
Energy keywords: Aggressive, authority, confidence, courage, determination, dignity, egocentric, faith, fortitude, individualism, leadership, loyalty, optimism, overbearing, poise, power, reliance, stubborn, vitality, willful.
Law of Attraction: Moon
Ever wonder why Monday is such a challenge? The Moon rules Monday and our watery emotions. Learn to stay on top of the waves.

Basic energy: Emotion
Basic magic: Protection, psychism
Energy keywords: Creativity, domestic, feeling, flexible, growth, imagination, impressionable, intuition, kindness, magnetism, masculine, maternal, matter, mother, peace, plasticity, protective, psychism, receptive, sensitive, sympathy, visionary
Law of Attraction: Mars
The red warrior planet is aggressive and can get out of control. Learn to harness it's power. The time for increased activity, for those pursuits which require determination, courage, physical efforts, for sport, for work with fire or sharp instruments. Sexuality is enhanced, but also the probability of a conflict is higher than usual. The good hour to attack enemies or to challenge competitors.
Basic energy: Action
Basic magic: War, change
Energy keywords: Assertive, fearless constructive,
Law of Attrraction; Mercury
Mercury flies on his wings delivering messages of the Gods! This is the best time of the week for important communication Mercury enhances dexterity and resourcefulness, patronizes traders, but also thieves. Good time to start a short trip, to write a letter or report, to program, to chat, to send mail.
Basic energy: Speed
Basic magic: Communication
Energy keywords: Active, adaptable, agility, alert, analytical, articulate, aware, brilliant, changeable, critical, dexterous, diffusive
Law of Attraction: Jupiter
Thursday is the day to concentrate on your wealth and abundance. Jupiter's energy provides that extra boost to your career. Jupiter helps to accelerate development, widen the horizon, and increase the level of understanding.
Basic magic: Money
Energy keywords: Aspiration, benevolent, charitable, confident, dignity, expansion, extravagant, faithful, generous, growth, gullible, human, humorous, indulgence, kindness, merciful, optimistic, orthodox, philanthropic, poise, pompous,
Law of attraction: Venus
Is it any surprise that Friday would be the day of LOVE? But this special planet also boost our finances and most important Self-Love. Beneficial hour for amusements, entertainment, having a party, going to a cinema or theater, to buy fashionable clothes or jewelry. Mutual sympathy between people is enhanced, which helps to find a compromise, to restore a broken relationship. Basic energy: Socialization
Basic magic: Love, friendships
Energy keywords: Affectionate, art, attractive, beauty,
Law of Attraction: Saturn
Sturdy Saturn! Dependable, responsible and making sure our chores are done. But Saturn is also helpful with overcoming addictions. Good time to ask an advice of the elders, to cool down passions, to have a sober glance on the state of the matters, to get rid of a bad habit.
Basic energy: Restriction, authority, crossroads
Basic magic: Banishing, rewards
Energy keywords: Authority, caution, defensive, diplomatic, fearful, humility, justice, laws, old, patience, pessimism, respect
Set with symbols
Each pendant can be purchase separately with or without the day and planet name or can be purchased as a set.
Set with Planet and Day of the Week
You can also mix and match the sets. Learn how to use the energy of the Universe to create your sacred story.
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I am excited to share these unique custom talismans!  They are more than a novelty or even a charm.  While I hope you will be able to appreciate them for their beauty, I know that your appreciation will grow if you have a little information of how and why they were created.


They have been designed to blend the astrological energy of the ruling planet (of the day and hour) with the spiritual and healing energy of the Tagua Nut. They have also been charged with the powers of the full Moon for an added dose of spiritual energy.


The use of Astrological Talisman has been an important part of worship, ritual, and life since ancient times.  Anyone who has ever owned a lucky rabbit’s foot , or a 4-leaf clover has used a Talisman.  But rather than desperately squeezing that rabbit’s foot, when it seems that all other avenues have failed, why not create or manifest your dreams and desires?

In the most simplistic terms this is how it works:  Each day of the week is ruled by a planet and each hour of each day is ruled by a planet. Thankfully the seven planets that rule the days are also the seven planets that rule the hours. When we understand the qualities, gifts, and characteristics of each planet then we are able to consciously create our dreams and desires.


Example:  Let’s say that you need to send an important business message to a potential client.  Does it make a difference if you send it on Tuesday (ruled by Mars) or Wednesday (ruled by Mercury)?


Mercury, the planet ruling the energy of Wednesday each week, is the planet of communication; carrying the messages of the gods, and provides support for our intellect and awareness.  Mercury helps us to use logic and reasoning, while thinking about how we create and express our ideas.


Mars, the ruling energy of Tuesday, is the assertive red warrior.   Characteristics of Mars are associated with the words as assertive, impulsiveness, boldness, and forceful.  These are not bad qualities, but if you are trying to present an idea of change to a client or your employer, do you want to be Mercury or Mars?


So you pull out your Mercury Talisman, state your intention, and send the email on Wednesday with the energetic support of Mercury and the full Moon.


Talisman: an object (such as a ring or stone) that is believed to have magic powers and to cause good things to happen to the person who has it. In the purest creation, the item is created on the day of the week and the hour of the day of the planet the talisman represents. While my talismans are not created in the strictest code, they are created by artist in Ecuador with respect for the environment.  Once the talisman arrives I charge each one on the appropriate day and hour of the day which it relates during the week of the full Moon.


Tagua Nut
Spiritual and Healing History

In South America the Tagua nut has been worn for over 200 years as a talisman and amulet promoting harmony, inner strength, loving relationships with family and friends, attracting abundance, fertility, and protection against negativity.


It is said that the meat of the Tagua nuts and its seeds have the strength and intelligence of an elephant, thus natives of South America call it vegetable ivory. Because of its sanctity and healing properties, Tagua has occupied an important place in every aspect of life. Indigenous healers use Tagua to replenish vitality and cure diseases caused by low energy and a weak immune system. It has a direct bearing on our bone marrow.


Tagua corresponds to the sun and the energy corresponding to the solar plexus, and therefore is especially good for enhancing vitality, boosting the immune system, and cultivating will power and determination.


Circle Design

Some of the most common characteristics that the Circle is known for are unity, infinity and wholeness, but this ancient symbol also means female power. As such, it signifies the force or spirit innate in every woman.


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