The Law of Attraction IS ALWAYS WORKING. 

The question is...are you working the LAW OF ATTRACTION

or are you living your life by default?

The Universe  & the Law of Attraction are waiting to serve you the life you want and desire.  But most of us live our lives by default, never understanding why the exact people, places, situations that we DON’T want seem to control our every move.  We need to learn how to MANIFEST the life we want and deserve by using the Law of Attraction. 


This 3 part series is designed to awaken your knowledge of how to actively create your life.  Think of the Law of Attraction as a magic wand just sitting on the shelf waiting to be used.  Our goal is to rekindle your creative gifts emotionally, spiritually, and physically.  We do this through practice and sharpening your intuitive awareness.  Using the “Manifestation, the Living the Life You Love,” deck as a guide we chose one desire to manifest.  This can be anything you chose; person, situation, item, or whatever you desire.  Over the next 6 weeks we will:


Workshop 1:

Chose our manifestation and understand the effect its realization will have on our current lives.  We will tap into our intuitive awareness to open the Law of Attraction synchronicity so that we can understand how the present supports our vision of the future manifestation.



Workshop 3:

Wielding any magic wand requires the skill to focus energy upon its desire.  This is especially true of our wand of the Law of Attraction.  We can repeat all of the platitudes ever written in the a ancient scrolls but if we lack the skill to infuse our commands with power of want (not a 4-letter word), expectation, emotion, and knowing we will have little success.  As our manifestation project comes to fulfillment we will feel the power of our creation and leave with the skills for not only a new project but for our lives.


Workshop 2:


We have become engrained in the beliefs that “we have no control – life just happens.”  Life doesn’t just happen!  Well…maybe…if we wait on life to happen and we live by default.  Remember our magic wand of the Law of Attraction?  It just can’t stop itself from bringing SOMETHING into our lives.  So the Law of Attraction hears us use the words “want or hope” and it starts its magic on our behalf.  Because we did not give it direction, the magic doesn’t realize that we DID NOT WANT OR WE HOPED it wouldn’t happen!  In this class we learn how to create the message, the commands that we are giving our magic wand the Law of Attraction.  We begin to control our lives but more importantly we explore old beliefs and habits that are holding our power hostage and we begin to actively use our intuitive awareness.

Workshop Offerings

Chose the workshop format that works for you and your schedule.

Private individual

Small of two or more in the privacy of your home

I do conduct classes in local metyphysical book stores in the Denver area.




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