Creating Your Life Using the Energies of the Heavens  

(Law of Attraction on Steroids!)

This is an on-going event.  Attend as your schedule allows


How does your life in 2015 compare with your expectations or what you had hoped for?  No doubt there were highs and lows.  You fulfilled a few dreams and had a few unexpected obstacles.


How are you feeling about 2016?  Are you dreading the start of yet another year of disappointments?  Are you excited to enjoy and reap the rewards from your focused efforts of 2015?


We have all heard of the “Secret.”  For millions, perhaps billions of people this one short book opened their consciousness of actively creating and using the Law of Attraction to create the life they desired.  What a tremendous gift!  The information was presented in a way that transcended religious, ethnic, and cultural boundaries.  It spoke to us in everyday language about our real lives.  If the “Secret” was the magic wand to empowering the Law of Attraction, is it the only magic wand at your disposal?


The “Secret” is just the beginning and the Law of Attraction is just one Law of Manifesting that we have been given.  Are you ready to take the next step?  Are you ready to actively and deliberately create your own life?  In our monthly groups we will explore many different magic wands of creation; the energy of the planets, the phases of the moon, and the sun. 


If you have ever picked up an astrological calendar and felt overwhelmed at all of the symbols and how they could possibly relate to your life…you are not alone.  In our monthly groups we will explore, in layman’s language how to work with the energies of the heavens.  They are our magic wands of energy and creation!



When: The 3rd Wednesday of each month

Where: 5511 W. 56th Ave, Arvada, CO 80002

Time:     7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Costs: $10


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