I would like to share with you information about the DAN PEAK FOUNDATION, Inc. 

I am the founder of this 501 c 3 charitable organization and it was established in memory of my father.  The information below is self-explanatory but I want to say thank you to each of you. 

I am dedicated to paying it forward with your support. 


Ten percent (10%) of all services paid for and all products sold will be donated to the

Dan Peak Foundation.  Thank you!

Mission Statement

The Dan Peak Foundation believes that change and creating a new circle of hope, opportunity, and success for today and future generations begins with the parents/adults in children’s lives. The cycle of poverty, illiteracy, and dependency can be broken and it is the responsibility of every adult to make it happen. We provide financial support and resources including opportunities through education, mentor programs, and training to enhance natural talents.



The Dan Peak Foundation believes that the parent/adult must be the foundation of change if we are to break the cycle of poverty, illiteracy, and dependency.
Financial support for education which creates HOPE for the future

Entrepreneur mentoring programs teaching business for unlimited OPPORTUNITIES

Steps for building confidence in personal presentation for SUCCESS

When parents/adults change and improve their quality of life they become the inspiration for our children an future generations.   The cycle is broken.


Who We Are

Founded in 2011, the Dan Peak Foundation, Inc. is a 501 ( c ) ( 3) charitable tax-exempt organization that provides the community with resources, business education, and opportunities for adults who are striving to provide a better quality of life for themselves and the children in their lives.


Who We Serve

Our programs are open to all qualifying adults with a focus on adults striving to increase their education and adults who have been displaced due to a challenging economic environment.


Our programs include:

  • Financial grants for GED testing

  • Entrepreneur mentoring and training to learn new skills and enhance natural talents

  • Support to build the confidence required to fulfill life goals.

The circle of poverty, illiteracy, and dependency can be broken.  Parents and adults accepting the responsibility to create a new circle of HOPE, OPPORUTNITY, & SUCCESS, do so not only for their benefit but for the benefit of future generations.



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